Why another TFTP Server? Doesn't 3Com already supply one?

In the beginning, there was 3CTftpd, which was a small TFTP Server program I wrote so that 3Com customers could upgrade their 3Com equipment.

3CTftpd begat 3CServer, which was a more full-featured TFTP and FTP server I wrote. This eventually became part of 3Com's Transcend Network Management product.

However, it soon became apparent that our customers were using 3CServer for a lot of other things, in addition to upgrading their 3Com boxes. I was getting a number of enhancement requests. In order to accommodate these requests, I took another look at the code, and tried to implement as many as I could.

There was a problem, though. 3CServer was now part of a different product. I spoke with our Network Management folks, and we agreed that we didn't want the two programs getting in each other's way. Therefore, I decided to rename my newest incarnation to 3CDaemon.

I'm confused! Which one should I use?

It's really a matter of personal choice. If 3CServer fulfills your needs, then by all means, continue using it. If you want or need some of the extra functionality provided by 3CDaemon, then use it instead. Either one will work for upgrading 3Com products, since they are adapted from the same code base. Since both are freeware, I don't make a penny off of them either way :)

So, what's new in this 3CDaemon thing?



Totally Unscientific Speed comparison:

(i.e. These are numbers I got transferring the same file between two PCs on the same hub. Your mileage will vary...)

  Get 13.3MB File Put 13.3MB file
3CServer TFTP 75.5 secs 77.1 secs
3CDaemon TFTP 48.1 secs 46.4 secs
3CDaemon TFTP with negotiated 2048 blocksize 16 secs 15 secs
3CServer FTP 38.9 secs 57.6 secs
3CDaemon FTP 15.4 secs 16.1 secs